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Hi Shane I really enjoy your segments on “The Four” and hope that you can give me some advice. We are totally redoing our kitchen. We are having navy blue stained cabinets, to see the wood grain, and iceberg blue quartzite countertops. My husband is a contractor, furniture maker, and is doing everything in our kitchen. If you google the stone you will see that it is very busy. It is described as looking at a cut of a glacier. It is so gorgeous but I am at a loss for a backsplash. Our stone also has some brown in it. I did find backsplash that is in the iceberg quartzite but is ruff cut, thin horizontal tile. It would maybe be a good option? I would really appreciate your input and expertise! My gmail is Thanks so much Shane! Amy Neuman
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9and10news Site Staff
Jun 05, 2019

Good Morning and thank you for your question for watching the segment. We have a lot of fun showcasing the trades that are responsible for making it all happen!

Now – to your question….. Congratulations on the full kitchen remodel! That is the smartest investment you can make for your home and the most expensive – every decision is very important to your future bottom line.

Professionally speaking, I love blue cabinets (if they are a very dark navy) and I also love the idea of staining a very textured wood species (like oak) that shows movement. A quartz countertop is very practical and beautiful as well.

However, I am hearing a lot of “blue” in your question and that could be a touch concerning. With that being said, I would steer completely away from blue for your backsplash as it sounds like you are using enough blue. Although your countertop may have slight accents of brown – that is a color you should stay clear of as well.

When deciding on your backsplash color, I would suggest that you go all white and let all the blue do the talking. I wouldn’t add in another color to your story. Remember, the best interiors that last the test of time are the ones that are classic and timeless. In this particular instance – I would suggest using your countertop slab material as a full-height backsplash?

As the very old saying goes – less is more!

Thank you

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