Woman behind French #MeToo movement is fined for defamation

PARIS (AP) — A Paris court has ruled that the woman who launched the French version of the #MeToo movement must pay 20,000 euros ($22,000) for defaming the man she accused of harassment.

French journalist Sandra Muller launched #balancetonporc amid the global movement against sexual misconduct in October 2017 when she tweeted that former TV channel executive Eric Brion made sexually explicit comments to her. The French phrase translates as “squeal on your pig.”

Brion sued, arguing the viral tweet harmed him and that his remarks to Muller were not harassment. The court ruled Wednesday in his favor and ordered Muller to delete her tweet.

Brion hailed the ruling as a “victory of true justice.”

Muller said she fears the ruling will silence women who have experienced harassment. She plans to appeal.

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