Trial for priests accused of abusing deaf Argentine students

MENDOZA, Argentina (AP) — Ezequiel Villalonga signs frantically with his hands to express the power he feels after years of suffering now that the priests whom he and other former students at an Argentine institute for the deaf accuse of abuse are finally going to trial.

Villalonga, 18, is one of about 20 ex-students of the Antonio Próvolo institute in Mendoza province who say they were sexually abused between 2004 and 2016. Their alleged abusers go on trial starting Monday in a case Pope Francis has not commented on despite its closeness to his papacy.

The complaints at the institute came to light at the end of 2016 and created a scandal that deepened when it emerged that one of the accused, the Rev. Nicola Corradi, had been reported for similar allegations in Italy.

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