The Latest: Louisiana has 42% spike in confirmed virus cases

The Latest on the coronavirus pandemic. The new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms for most people. For some, especially older adults and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness or death.


— Louisiana has 42% spike in virus cases as backlogged test results pour in.

— Italy adds 760 to death toll as new infections continue leveling off.

— Trudeau concerned about reports medical supplies set for Canada have been diverted to U.S.


BATON ROUGE, La. — Louisiana’s confirmed number of coronavirus cases spiked 42% higher Thursday as a backlog of test results poured in.

The spike in cases confirmed Gov. John Bel Edwards’ message that the virus’s footprint across the state is much wider than limited testing has been able to document so far.

Nearly 9,200 people have tested positive for the virus that causes COVID-19, according to the latest figures released by the Louisiana Department of Health. That’s a jump of more than 2,700 confirmed cases from a day earlier and the largest single-day increase reported so far.

Edwards said many of the tests were done days ago, and he emphasized that most of those infected are self-isolating at home, not requiring a hospital bed.

The number of deaths attributed to COVID-19 did not show a similar jump. Louisiana’s death toll from the coronavirus disease grew to 310 in Thursday’s figures, 14% higher than the day before, recording an additional 37 people whose deaths from the virus have been confirmed.


WASHINGTON — Melania Trump has offered well wishes to Sophie Grégroire of Canada following her recovery from COVID-19.

The White House says the first lady expressed “deep appreciation” during Thursday’s conversation with the wife of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for continued cooperation between the U.S. and Canada as they address the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs. Trump stressed the importance of maintaining strong economic ties following a joint agreement between the countries to ban nonessential travel across their shared border.

She and Grégoire also discussed efforts to repatriate Americans and Canadians who have been stranded on cruise ships around the world.

Trudeau’s office announced March 13 that his wife had tested positive for the coronavirus after she returned from a trip to London. The prime minister continues to self-isolate at home in Ottawa.


PRAGUE — The Czechs — the biggest beer drinkers per capita in the world — have been trying to save their beloved beer and bars amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Major brewers, including the Pilsner Urquell and Budweiser Budvar, are launching a campaign to help the establishments and watering holes struggling to survive a period of tough restrictions imposed to contain the outbreak.

The brewers say “the current situation is really critical.” They say some 250,000 jobs in the industry are under threat and “nobody knows how long it might take.”

The bars and restaurants have been ordered to shut down. Only some serve meals and drinks to go.

As part of the “Save a Bar” campaign, people can send money to their favorite bar or restaurant in exchange for vouchers they can use there once the crisis is over.


LAREDO, Texas — Residents in one Texas city are being required to wear something that covers their nose and mouth when they’re out in public during the coronavirus outbreak — or else face a fine of up to $1,000.

Starting on Thursday, all people over the age of 5 in Laredo will have to wear some kind of covering, such as a homemade mask, scarf, bandanna or handkerchief when entering a building open to the public. Residents will also have to cover their mouth and nose when using public transportation, taxis, ride shares or when pumping gas.

The new rule doesn’t apply to people riding in their own vehicles or if they are outside for exercise and following social distancing guidelines.

The mandate for wearing the covering was issued on Tuesday by Laredo’s city council. The South Texas city of more than 261,000 residents along the U.S.-Mexico border is about 155 miles (250 kilometers) southwest of San Antonio.


THE HAGUE, Netherlands — Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is appealing to German and Belgian tourists not to visit the Netherlands over the Easter weekend.

Rutte said Thursday that the Dutch foreign ministry will be spreading the stay-away message in neighboring Germany and Belgium via social media in an effort to tackle the spread of the coronavirus.

He says cross-border traffic has already largely dried up and many campsites and vacation parks in the Netherlands will be closed over the long weekend, when large numbers of Germans and Belgians traditionally visit the Netherlands.

The Dutch government has not imposed a full lockdown to battle the spread of the virus, but has shut bars, restaurants museums, schools and universities and appealed to people to remain home as much as possible, exercise social distancing and not gather in public places.


LONDON — A union representing thousands of workers at British Airways says a deal has been reached that will mean no one is fired in the coming weeks and months while the airline is largely grounded during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Unite said British Airways will introduce a modified version of the British government’s job retention scheme. Workers, such as cabin crew, ground staff, engineers and head office staff, will be retained rather than dismissed.

The agreement applies to 28,000 workers and will mean that the government pays 2,500 pounds ($3,100) of a worker’s monthly salary with BA paying the balance up to 80% of employees’ pay.


ROME — Italy added another 760 dead to its coronavirus toll, bringing the count in the country with the most deaths to 13,915. But new infections continued to level off three weeks into the West’s first nationwide shutdown, with 4,668 new infections for a total official caseload of 115,242.

Pressure on hospitals in hard-hit Lombardy continued to ease, with more than 800 people recovered and 165 fewer people hospitalized with COVID-19 compared to a day earlier. Intensive care units are still saturated, but overall, Lombardy added just under 1,300 new positive cases, with about half of those infected being treated at home.

More than 10,000 medical personnel have been infected nationwide and 69 doctors have died, according to the National Institutes of Health and the Italian association of doctors.


TORONTO — Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s very concerned about reports that medical supplies destined for Canada have been diverted to the U.S.

Trudeau has asked his public safety minister and transport minister to look into the reports. He says they need to make sure the personal protective equipment that was ordered in Canada makes it to Canada.

The prime minister says he’s working with the U.S. and is following up on this specific issue. He says he knows the needs are great in the U.S. but says it’s the same in Canada.

He also says the government has ordered hundreds of thousands of face shields from Bauer, the company that normally makes hockey equipment.


ATHENS, Greece — Greek authorities say a total of 119 people aboard a passenger ship have been confirmed as positive for the new coronavirus.

The ferry with 380 people on board was chartered to house workers from various countries who were to work on a shipbuilding project in Spain. It has been anchored outside Greece’s main port of Piraeus for several days.

Civil Protection Deputy Minister Nikos Hardalias says everyone on board the ship had been tested after an initial positive case was confirmed last week. Results came back negative for 259 people, positive for 119 and tests for two people need to be repeated. He says all on board did not present any symptoms.

The ship is to be allowed to dock at a pier set aside in Piraeus and those who have tested negative will be allowed to disembark. They will be transported to hotels before being repatriated to their countries.

Those who have tested positive will be quarantined for 14 days on board the ship, he said.

Those on board were from Greece, Belarus, Cuba, Bulgaria, Egypt, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and the United States, the shipping ministry said.


WASHINGTON — The District of Columbia has announced 67 new positive infections from the new coronavirus. That brings the total to 653 positive cases with 12 deaths.

Mayor Muriel Bowser has issued a stay-home order for Washington’s approximately 700,000 residents. Neighboring Maryland and Virginia have done the same.

Bowser has declared a state of emergency, shuttered all schools and ordered all non-essential businesses to close. White House and Capitol tours have been cancelled and the National Zoo, Smithsonian museum network and Kennedy Center have closed.


MILAN — The mayor of Europe’s first major metropolis to close for the coronavirus is expecting a ‘’stop-and-go’’ relaunch once the lockdown on movements begins to lift.

Milan Mayor Giuseppe Sala says until there is a vaccine against the virus, any reopening of the city of 1.3 million residents is likely to be tentative.

‘’It is possible that we reopen, and then we have to close again. Until we have a vaccine, it will be an anomalous situation.,’’ he said.

Restrictions were first launched in Italy’s fashion and finance capital on Feb. 23, when the region of Lombardy shut schools, cinemas, museums, theaters and bars after 6 p.m. The measures have grown ever tighter, with residents of Lombardy barred from leaving their homes except for necessities like going to the grocery store or pharmacy.

Italy’s premier has announced that national containment measures will be in place at least until April 13 and that any easing would happen in phases.

Sala said the new coronavirus will provoke a major rethink in how to handle events that characterize the city, from four Milan Fashion Weeks a year, to the annual design week to cultural events.

Milan Fashion Week menswear previews usually held in June will not take place this year and that ‘’fashion sector officials are asking what they can do in September,’’ when womenswear previews are scheduled.


WASHINGTON — The Justice Department says it is distributing about 192,000 N-95 masks to frontline medical workers in New York and New Jersey that were found during an investigation by the new coronavirus hoarding and price gouging task force

Officials say the masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer and other personal protective equipment were found by the FBI on March 30. The Justice Department says it notified the Department of Health and Human Services, which compelled the supplies be turned over as part of the Defense Production Act.

Agents also found nearly 600,000 medical-grade gloves, 130,000 surgical masks, some N100 masks and disinfectant spray and towels.

Authorities said the owner would be paid “fair market value” for the supplies. The equipment is being sent to officials with the New York city and state health departments and the New Jersey Department of Health.


PARIS — A portion of Europe’s largest food depot is being converted into a mortuary and funeral home.

The food depot outside Paris is needed as bodies are accumulating from the new coronavirus too quickly for professionals to cope.

The police chief for the Paris region made the decision to open a hall of the market in Rungis for storage of bodies and caskets starting on Friday. Families will be able to pay respects to departed loved ones beginning next week.

The hall is located in an isolated area of the massive food depot which supplies stores and other food outlets.

Police did not specify the capacity of the hall.

The decision was made by Police Chief Didier Lallement to seek out a space with sufficient capacity because the epidemic has created shortages in mortuaries and funeral homes in the Paris region.

Salons for grieving families to pay respects at loved one’s casket are being created.


SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — Officials say five men standing in line for a haircut at a clandestine barbershop in Puerto Rico have been detained for violating the new coronavirus curfew.

Police say the barber was operating in the northern town of Canovanas. The U.S. territory is in the midst of a month long curfew in which all non-essential businesses have been ordered closed.

Hundreds have been detained for violating the curfew. The government has reported 12 deaths and more than 300 confirmed cases of COVID-19.


RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A second Red Cross trailer loaded with emergency supplies has been stolen from a Southern California office of the organization.

Police say two men in a pickup drove into a Red Cross parking lot in Riverside on Sunday. They pried a lock, connected the trailer to their truck and left.

The trailer was used for establishing emergency shelters and was filled with cots, blankets and some masks.

Red Cross spokeswoman Brianna Kelly tells the Press-Enterprise the supplies were not related to the coronavirus. The trailers are typically used during wildfires or floods. The first trailer was stolen several weeks ago. It’s not known if the thefts are related.


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