Tense TV: CNN’s Blitzer asks Kellyanne Conway about husband

NEW YORK (AP) — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and White House counselor Kellyanne Conway had a tense exchange Thursday when the anchor sought reaction to her husband’s televised criticism of President Donald Trump a day earlier.

Blitzer prefaced his question by saying “I know there are issues” about her marriage. CNN aired a split screen of Kellyanne Conway watching George Conway criticize Trump for using foreign policy to advance his own interests.

Kellyanne Conway said “why would you say that?” following Blitzer’s reference to her marriage. She later said she was embarrassed for Blitzer and CNN.

George Conway, a lawyer, has been a prominent social media critic of Trump. He appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday as an analyst for the first day of impeachment hearings, but the network didn’t mention who he was married to.

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