Stuck on US terror list, Sudan turns to wealthy Gulf for aid

CAIRO (AP) — Sudan’s reformist prime minister has repeatedly urged the West to end his country’s international pariah status, arguing it’s the only way to save the nation’s three-month-old democratic transition from a plunging economy.

Abdallah Hamdok, who came to power following a power-sharing deal between protesters and the military that removed longtime President Omar al-Bashir from power, said in September he was expecting a “big breakthrough” that would remove Sudan from the U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism and unlocking desperately needed foreign aid.

But nothing changed — except that Hamdok is now turning to two wealthy Gulf Arab monarchies, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, to secure the funds to keep his government afloat. Both countries are known for bankrolling military rulers in Egypt, Libya and, previously, Sudan.

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