State justice denies benefit from alleged stolen union funds

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania Supreme Court justice who is the brother of an indicted Philadelphia labor leader is denying that he knowingly benefited from any money allegedly embezzled from the union.

The Philadelphia Inquirer on Thursday cited five unidentified people familiar with the investigation as confirming Justice Kevin Dougherty (DAHK’-ur-tee) is “family member No. 4” in court documents. The documents say union funds were used to pay to remove snow from the relative’s home in 2016 and for construction, repairs and painting in 2011.

Dougherty’s lawyer tells the newspaper he never knowingly accepted any improper benefits.

The judge is a Democrat elected in 2015. He is not accused of wrongdoing in the indictment. His lawyer says he paid for all work at his home and had no reason to know who shoveled his snow on the date in question.

The Associated Press has left messages with the lawyer seeking further comment.

Republicans are asking prosecutors and judicial ethics boards to review the matter.

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