Series aims to tell wildlife stories from different view

NEW YORK (AP) — Lupita Nyong’o has long admired wildlife. She remembers first touching a giraffe in her native Kenya when she 5 years old.

So when she was recruited to narrate the new Discovery docuseries “Serengeti,” which follows the trials of animal families, the answer was yes.

“Serengeti” debuts Sunday at 8 p.m. on the Discovery network.

Nyong’o’s voice takes viewers on a journey following several species that were tracked on the Serengeti Reserve in Tanzania.

Filmmaker John Downer zeroes in on the familial dynamics of various species, like Kali the lioness, who is ousted from her pride in the first episode and must now care for her young cubs on her own.

Downer says “Serengeti” differs from other nature programs because it brings the viewer into the world of the animal in a more intimate way.

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