Russian cosmonauts to conduct spacewalk to probe into leak

MOSCOW (AP) — A space official says that Russian cosmonauts will venture outside the International Space Station to inspect a section where a mysterious leak has been discovered.

The leak was spotted last month in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft attached to the station. The crew of three Americans, two Russians and a German quickly located and sealed the tiny hole that created a slight loss of pressure.

Sergei Krikalyov, the head of manned missions for Russian Roscosmos space agency, said Tuesday that the Russian crew will conduct a spacewalk on Nov. 15 to inspect the Soyuz’s outer surface. He said they should uncover the thermal insulation covering the patched hole and inspect it.

Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has previously said that the hole could have been drilled during manufacturing or while in orbit.

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