Romanian suspect in 2013 murder case to be extradited to UK

CLUJ-NAPOCA, Romania (AP) — A Romanian man is to be extradited from his home country to Britain, where he is a suspect in a 2013 murder case.

Cristian Sabou, who was detained by Romanian and British police and appeared Thursday at an extradition hearing in the Romanian city of Cluj-Napoca, said that, if convicted, he wants to serve his prison sentence in Romania to be close to his children.

Valerie Graves, a 55-year-old artist, was beaten to death with a hammer in Dec. 2013 while housesitting in the coastal village of Bosham, southern England.

Sabou is expected to be extradited in the next 10 days to stand trial in Britain. He told police that he was sorry about the murder, which he described as “an accident” which happened “because I got scared.”

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