Rights group: Bahraini authorities abuse, torture detainees

BEIRUT (AP) — A Bahraini rights group says sexual abuse and torture are widespread and systematic in jails in the Gulf island nation.

The SALAM for Democracy and Human Rights group released a 30-page report Thursday, documenting abuses it says “use the most intimate and personal parts of a person in order to inflict suffering.”

The report was released in Beirut as the group is barred from Bahrain.

At the release, Bahraini citizen Ebrahim Sarhan recounted the torture he was subjected to in 2017, describing how he was stripped naked in front of other inmates as officials threatened to “bring in a bottle” — a veiled threat of sodomy.

Bahrain, which is conducting a yearslong crackdown on dissent, has dismissed such allegations in the past. It didn’t respond to requests for comment.

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