Report: 2 Iranian lawmakers arrested for ‘disrupting’ market

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — Iran’s semi-official Fars news agency says two lawmakers have been arrested for unspecified actions described as “disrupting” the country’s car market.

The report says the two lawmakers — Fereydoun Ahmadi and Mohammad Azizi — were initially taken to the Evin prison in Tehran but they were later released for about $85,000 in bail.

The report didn’t specify if the two have been charged with any financial crimes.

Iran is trying to crack down on corruption and has arrested several persons since 2018. Two prominent local businessmen have been hanged.

Iran’s economy nosedived since the U.S. pullout from the nuclear deal last year. Prices of cars have skyrocketed as Western manufacturers pull out of the country and foreign-produced parts are becoming harder to find. China is trying to fill the void.

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