Recount adds to Florida’s reputation for bungling elections

ST. PETERSBURG, Fla. (AP) — The Florida recount for governor and senator has revived complaints about the state’s long history of election trouble.

Florida’s reputation for bungling elections dates back to 2000, when it took more than five weeks for the state to declare George W. Bush the victor over Al Gore by 537 votes. Back then, punch-card ballots were punch lines.

This year’s glitches led a federal judge to ask why state officials have repeatedly failed to anticipate problems in elections. Judge Mark Walker even referred to Florida as “the laughingstock of the world.”

Mary Sanders disagrees. The 74-year-old volunteer with the League of Women Voters says the world doesn’t see the normal side of Florida during times such as this. She says the election in Pinellas County has been well run.

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