Progressives out to oust ’20 House Dems try focusing fervor

WASHINGTON (AP) — Activists hoping to oust House Democrats in next year’s primary elections and replace them with more progressive and diverse challengers are already hunting for their next Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez . But they’re also trying to assess how to handle unintended consequences of their success.

Ocasio-Cortez last year upset the No. 4 House Democrat in a New York City primary. She’s one of this Congress’ most buzzy and even influential figures. And her startling victory has helped galvanize liberals eager for more fresh Democratic faces in 2020.

Yet progressive organizations worry her win could trigger a glut of Democratic challengers who might divide the anti-incumbent vote in some districts. That would help House members they are targeting to survive party primaries. So they’re trying to figure out how to harness that energy.

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