Poet fears for his people as China ‘Sinicizes’ religion

JINAN, China (AP) — As China ramps up its crackdown on minorities, authorities in a region populated by the country’s Hui (HWAY) Muslims have issued a demolition order for a landmark mosque and ordered closed an Arabic language school.

Such persecution has so far largely targeted the largest Muslim minority group, the Uighurs (WEE’-guhrs), while the Hui have generally have been supportive of the ruling Communist Party. But there are signs that’s changing.

China under President Xi Jinping (SHEE jin-PING’) is tightening control over a wide spectrum of religious and political activity. In some places, a campaign to “Sinicize” religion has prompted authorities to seize Bibles, remove the halal designation from food products, demolish churches and strip mosques of loudspeakers and Islamic crescents and domes.

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