Philip Morris woos puff-happy Japan for post-smoking era

TOKYO (AP) — Philip Morris, maker of Marlboro and other major cigarette brands, is maneuvering to keep itself in business in a post-smoking world with an advertising blitz in puff-happy Japan and other tobacco-loving markets.

One of the biggest purveyors of tobacco products, it says making the world “smoke free” is its goal. The company is renewing its effort to win over new generations of tobacco users to its iQOS devices, which heat tobacco without burning it.

It’s found a warm welcome in Japan, home to 5 million of the nearly 6 million users of the product.

Chief Executive Andre Calantzopoulos said in an interview with The Associated Press that wider use of the device would help people’s health. Critics say company is glossing over the risks, an allegation it denies.

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