New NYPD commissioner: keep crime low, perceptions high

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City’s newly sworn-in police commissioner has told the force he wants to change a media-driven misperception that officers and the communities they patrol have a bad relationship.

Dermot Shea took the oath from Mayor Bill de Blasio on Monday at a police headquarters ceremony. He said it’s “truly humbling” to be the 44th commissioner of the NYPD.

His mother Ellen and wife Serena and their three children looked on, along with a room full of dignitaries and police officials.

In a letter to officers, Shea said he was frustrated that residents’ positive sentiments about police are not often reflected in news coverage.

Shea says he wants to expand the department’s neighborhood policing strategies and called on officers to help change the media narrative that portrays police negatively.

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