Morley Stanwood Hosts Offensive Camp

MORLEY – With the start to the 2018 high school football season and two-a-days less than two weeks away, Morley Stanwood is playing host this week to sport and performance psychologist Dr. Lou Cella.

Cella is the creator of Triple Option Football Academy, which works with teams and coaches on installing the triple option offense.

“What they’ve improved upon is their urgency, their accuracy, their situational mindfulness, which are the three key components of developing a holistic athlete,” Cella said. “When they’re accurate they get more urgent, and then they become mindful to each situation, so really it’s getting them ready for 2018 and preparing them for each variable that can occur with each concept that they will run.”

The Mohawks plan to use Thursday’s final day of camp as a review session before two-a-days begin on Aug. 6.

“It’s going awesome. The kids have picked it up well,” Morley Stanwood coach Clark Huntey said. “Dr. Lou’s a great teacher. The kids have really enjoyed having him here, and I think we’ve had three great days.”


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