Man smiles, says ‘Let’s rock’ before dying in electric chair

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) — A Tennessee inmate grimaced and waved goodbye before saying “let’s rock,” moments before he became the first man executed in the electric chair in that state since 2007.

Officials say 63-year-old Edmund Zagorski was executed Thursday night for the killings of two men during a 1983 drug deal.

A reporter who witnessed the scene said Zagorski could be seen smiling while strapped down.

Zagorski’s attorney Kelly Henry smiled at him from the witness room. Henry says Zagorski told her the last thing he wanted to see was her smiling face before the shroud was put over his face.

Zagorski had opted for the electric chair over a lethal injection because he thought it would be quicker and less painful.

Nationwide, only 14 other people have been put to death in the electric chair since 2000.

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