Making, drinking arak a source of national pride in Lebanon

TAANAYEL, Lebanon (AP) — Every part of Lebanon’s national drink, arak, is infused with tradition — from distilling the aniseed-tinged liquor to the ritual of mixing it at the table, when the transparent liquid suddenly turns milky white as water is added.

It has a sweet taste and high alcohol content, around 40 percent. It’s best consumed with lots of food, making it perfect for Lebanon’s traditional meze, endless small appetizers that families and friends Iinger over for hours.

But the tradition faces competition as young generations opt for liquors like vodka or whiskey that’re easier to mix and drink — without a meal.

Producers are now trying to lure younger drinkers. Some Beirut bars have introduced an infused version of arak, adding a twig of basil or rosemary, to make it more attractive.

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