Lucas Hedges comes of age, 1 film at a time

NEW YORK (AP) — In parts large and small, 21-year-old actor Lucas Hedges has over the past two years assembled a portrait gallery of young men in strained, anxious periods of transition.

He has been a newly parentless son, a gay teen in denial, an abusive older brother, and a drug addict in recovery. In the new film “Boy Erased,” he plays a teen sent to gay conversion therapy by his Baptist parents. Their struggles have all in some way mirrored Hedges’ own; their coming of age has been his.

In an interview, Hedges says the parts have reflected “the transformation occurring within me.”

Hedges last week also made his Broadway debut in Kenneth Lonergan’s “The Waverly Gallery,” alongside Elaine May. He was nominated for Oscar for his performance in 2016’s “Manchester by the Sea.”

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