Jordan’s king visits enclave day after reclaimed from Israel

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan’s king has visited one of two small areas of land that — until a day earlier — were leased to Israel as part of their 1994 peace agreement.

Jordan’s decision to not renew the 25-year lease and to reassume control over the two small territories comes amid rocky relations with Israel.

King Abdullah II tweeted Monday that “Jordan’s sovereignty over its territory is paramount,” after touring Baqura, in the country’s north.

Under the peace agreement, Jordan kept control of the enclaves but allowed Israeli farmers free access to the lands.

The Baqura and Ghamr areas were captured by Israel in 1950 and 1967, respectively. They cover around 1,200 acres of mostly farmland.

Jordan’s agreement is only the second peace deal between Israel and an Arab country, following Egypt.

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