Islamist financier, 6 others get life sentences in Egypt

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt has sentenced seven Muslim Brotherhood members, including one of the group’s top financiers, to life in prison on charges of joining and funding a terrorist group.

The Supreme State Security Emergency Court sentenced three others to 10 years, while acquitting 14. The verdicts can be appealed.

Those sentenced to life include Hassan Malek, a businessman who owned stores that imported computers and electronics, and his son.

The Muslim Brotherhood won a series of elections after the 2011 uprising that toppled President Hosni Mubarak. Mohammed Morsi, a senior Brotherhood figure, became Egypt’s first freely-elected president the following year.

The military overthrew Morsi in 2013 amid massive protests against his brief rule. Authorities have since branded the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization and arrested thousands of its members.

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