Iconic Southern rock recording studio is revived in Georgia

ATLANTA (AP) — The Georgia music studio that fused blues, country and other sounds into Southern rock is being reborn.

Capricorn Sound Studios in Macon helped propel the Allman Brothers Band and other groups to stardom in the 1970s. It also left its imprint on Macon as one of the nation’s music capitals.

Mercer University and other backers have worked to restore the studio and reopen it this month.

Supporters hope it will help preserve Macon’s place among cities like Nashville and Memphis in Tennessee; Muscle Shoals in Alabama; and Detroit, Chicago and New Orleans, that forged the music history of the United States.

The renovated studio is part of Mercer Music at Capricorn, a complex of music-related developments. Officials hope it will train and inspire new musicians and help spur downtown redevelopment.