Hundreds of Jordanians seek PM resignation, protest tax plan

AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Hundreds of protesters have called on the Jordanian prime minister to resign over his tax policies and perceived failure to improve the country’s economy.

Friday’s protests in Jordan’s capital of Amman came several months after Omar Razzaz’ predecessor was toppled in large-scale protests against a tax reform plan. Critics at the time said the reforms disproportionately hit the poor and middle class.

Razzaz promised to be more inclusive in coming up with reforms, but is also under pressure from international lenders to cut the government’s large deficit.

On Friday, protesters chanted, “Leave, leave Razzaz” and called for the latest version of the tax bill to be annulled. Police kept them from the prime minister’s office.

Protests over the summer had been larger, mainly because of organized union backing.

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