How Bale and Amy Adams became the Cheneys in ‘Vice’

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. (AP) — Christian Bale says he wanted to meet Dick Cheney before portraying in in the new biopic “Vice” but that he was warned against it.

Bale instead studied internet videos, photos and first-hand accounts from people who knew the former U.S. vice president, many of which are still on his phone alongside photos of his wife and kids.

Bale packed on some 40 pounds, wore fake teeth and added a couple of inches to his neck to complete his physical transformation that’s already earned him a Golden Globe nomination.

Amy Adams plays Lynne Cheney and underwent her own transformation for the role, including the realization that she wasn’t just playing Dick Cheney’s wife.

Both Bale and Adams say they want to refrain from making judgments about their characters and their politics.

“Vice” hits theaters Christmas day.

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