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DETROIT (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court says local governments can’t keep surplus cash from the sale of tax-foreclosed properties. It’s a groundbreaking decision that could lead to waves of payments to former owners. State law allowed county treasurers to keep money left over after overdue taxes finally are paid from a property sale. The Supreme Court said the practice is illegal under the Michigan Constitution. The case centered on two sales in Oakland County. In one deal, a man’s land was sold for $82,000. He owed $6,000 in back taxes but wasn’t given the $76,000 surplus. 

DETROIT (AP) — Michigan Supreme Court: Local governments can’t keep surplus cash when a property is sold for overdue taxes.

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. (AP) — The state of Michigan wants Enbridge to promise it will cover costs from a potential oil spill in the channel that links two of the Great Lakes. Department of Natural Resources Director Dan Eichenger made the request Friday in a letter to the Canadian company. An Enbridge subsidiary pledged in 2018 to set aside about $1.8 billion to deal with a worst-case spill from its Line 5 pipes in the Straits of Mackinac. But the state says the subsidiary doesn’t have enough money to fulfill that promise, and it’s not clear that the parent company is bound by the pledge. A spokesman says Enbridge is reviewing the state’s request but has made clear it would pay for damages if Line 5 ruptures, which the company says is highly unlikely.

EAST LANSING, Mich. (AP) — Fall sports at Michigan high schools will start on time, although the schedule could change if coronavirus trends worsen. The Michigan High School Athletic Association says football practices can start Aug. 10, followed by other fall sports on Aug. 12. The MHSAA says it considered switching fall and spring sports to limit close contact between athletes. But it dropped the idea after noting that soccer and lacrosse would carry similar risk if moved to fall. If a fall sport is suspended, the season could resume later in the school year.