Here is the latest Michigan news from The Associated Press at 11:40 a.m. EST

DETROIT (AP) — An Associated Press analysis finds that Detroit tops the list of cities that will be hardest to count in the 2020 census. The Motor City has tens of thousands of vacant houses, sparse internet access and high poverty _ all factors that will present obstacles for an accurate tally. Other Rust Belt towns that have lost population and Sun Belt cities with large numbers of immigrants and transplants will pose similar challenges. Nationwide, about a quarter of the population lives in hard-to-count neighborhoods. The national headcount determines how federal money is spent and how many seats states get in Congress.

DETROIT (AP) — Investigators looking into potential wrongdoing by members of the Detroit Police Department’s narcotics unit have found that some officers stole from drug dealers, planted drugs on suspects and lied to prosecutors to get search warrants. Chief James Craig tells The Detroit News that as the investigation continues more problems may be found. Craig says the number of internal investigators from the department’s Professional Standards section has increased “as they started seeing the scope of the issues.” The narcotics unit was raided Aug. 22. Files and computers were seized. Craig has reassigned unit members with five or more years of experience.

DETROIT (AP) — Authorities say a train carrying hazardous materials has derailed in Detroit. Deputy fire commissioner Dave Fornell says 11 train cars derailed, including one that was partially hanging off a viaduct over a street. No other details were immediately available.

MAPLE CITY, Mich. (AP) — Police say a woman’s body was dragged over a snowy hill and left in a rural area in northern Michigan’s Leelanau County. Sheriff Mike Borkovich said investigators are treating it as a homicide. An autopsy is planned for Thursday. The woman appeared to be over 50 years old. Benzie County Sheriff Ted Schendel said he doesn’t believe it’s Adrienne Quintal, a Detroit-area woman who is missing from a family cabin in Honor.