GOP veteran struggles to adjust as seat suddenly isn’t safe

DOWNERS GROVE, Ill. (AP) — After more than a decade representing a reliably Republican suburban Chicago district, Rep. Peter Roskam is suddenly among the most endangered House Republicans seeking re-election.

His long right-leaning record in a safe GOP district may be his toughest opponent.

Roskam, who faces Democratic business owner and scientist Sean Casten, is trying to navigate between his past positions and appealing to an electorate that supported Hillary Clinton over President Donald Trump by 7 percentage points.

He’s one of a number of GOP incumbents struggling to hold suburban districts that are getting younger and more diverse.

But few of the seats Democrats are targeting are quite like Roskam’s, where the GOP has had a hold for more than 40 years and the incumbent has served since George W. Bush was in the White House.

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