Gas driller backs off demand to have man thrown in jail

MONTROSE, Pa. (AP) — A gas driller has backed off its demand to have a Pennsylvania homeowner thrown in jail after he agreed to talk to the company’s lawyers next month.

Houston-based Cabot Oil & Gas Corp. claims Dimock resident Ray Kemble and his former lawyers tried to extort the company through a frivolous federal lawsuit. Cabot also claims Kemble violated a 2012 settlement agreement by speaking ill about the company. Cabot is suing the law firm and Kemble for $5 million.

Kemble and others have accused Cabot of polluting their water supplies. Cabot denies that.

The company sought jail time for Kemble after he didn’t show up for a deposition. Kemble appeared in court using a walker Monday. He says he is unable to sit for long periods after cancer surgery. Cabot agreed to give Kemble time to recover.

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