French city braces for violence after festival-goer’s death

PARIS (AP) — The western French city of Nantes is imposing exceptional security measures amid growing public anger over the drowning of a local man following a violent clash between police and people attending a music festival.

Steve Maia Canico’s death has become a national issue, destabilizing President Emmanuel Macron’s government.

After his body was found this week, the prime minister said there was no link between the police operation and his death. Festival participants disagree, saying police fired tear gas and several people fell into the adjacent Loire River.

Canico’s supporters planned gatherings in Nantes on Saturday in his memory, but authorities banned them.

Regional Prefect Claude d’Harcourt said Friday that police are preparing for “maximum risk” based on intelligence that troublemakers threatened to “steal the moment of emotion” of the gatherings.

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