Former governor stands by tweet comparing Trump to Hitler

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Former New Jersey Gov. Christie Whitman says she stands by a tweet she deleted in which she compared President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler.

The Republican tweeted Hitler “has nothing on” Trump.

Whitman’s tweet was in response to reports that a violent parody video depicting a likeness of Trump shooting and stabbing opponents and members of the media was played during a conference at his Miami golf resort.

Whitman tells WNBC-TV in New York the comparison was “inflammatory” but she hoped the shock value would make people realize the severity of the situation.

Whitman, who also served as administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency, says she is “really frightened for the country.”

After the White House condemned the video, Whitman tweeted again saying the video was “the stuff of dictators.”

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