Far from fame, poverty blossoms in ‘forgotten California’

HURON, Calif. (AP) — California may be known for its wealth, but poverty prevails in parts of the state’s farm belt.

Congressional hopefuls in the Central Valley have blamed incumbents for doing little to create higher-paying jobs, curb homelessness or solve disparities in health care.

T.J. Cox, a Fresno Democrat, has made limited access to health care and good schools central in his bid to unseat Republican U.S. Rep. David Valadao.

Nearly 40 percent of residents are poor in some towns in Valadao’s district. Many can’t vote because they’re in the country illegally or don’t vote because they’re more concerned about putting food on the table.

That has helped Valadao win three terms despite a huge Democratic voter registration advantage in a district that Hillary Clinton carried two years ago.

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