EU’s top soldier: much expectation of what EU can do

NICOSIA, Cyprus (AP) — The European Union’s top military official says he’s working with other EU army chiefs to come up with proposals aimed at enhancing the bloc’s military capabilities.

EU Military Committee Chairman Claudio Graziano says there’s “a lot of expectation” about what the EU can do in defense matters. He says projects like military mobility can connect the far reaches of Europe, to counter common threats.

Graziano was speaking Friday after talks with Cyprus’ National Guard Chief Ilias Leontaris. Graziano hailed Cyprus as a “solid partner and pillar of stability” in Europe’s southeastern corner, while acknowledging the challenges the east Mediterranean island nation faces with migrant inflows.

Leontaris said strengthened cooperation is essential because remnants of the Islamic State group may take advantage of the migration crisis to infiltrate terrorists into Europe.

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