Detective: Officer’s statement on shooting had discrepancies

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. (AP) — A Florida detective said a police officer on trial for killing a stranded black motorist gave statements to investigators that don’t match other evidence.

Prosecutors played the interview Wednesday during Nouman Raja’s trial for the October 2015 killing of Corey Jones. The then-Palm Beach Gardens officer told Sgt. Chris Kaprinski he thought Jones’ SUV was empty but when he pulled up and Jones jumped out. Raja said he identified himself and Jones immediately drew a gun on him, forcing him to fire.

Kaprinski said there are discrepancies between the Raja’s statement and the audio.

The judge didn’t allow him to elaborate but an audiotape of the shooting doesn’t show Raja identifying himself.

Raja’s attorneys say any discrepancies were caused by stress fogging his memory. Raja is of South Asian descent. He’s charged with manslaughter.

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