Democratic senator tries to keep Ohio from staying right

OXFORD, Ohio (AP) — Ohio Democrats are hoping one of their winningest politicians ever can help halt Republican statewide domination.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown is pitting his popularity against Donald Trump’s after the impressive 2016 presidential-race victory raised questions about the future of the Buckeye State’s traditional role as a national bellwether.

Brown is expected to capture a third term by a substantial margin over Trump-backed GOP Rep. Jim Renacci (ruh-NAY’-see), and he’s been helping other Democrats’ fundraising efforts.

The governor’s race is considered a toss-up, other statewide races are considered competitive, and Democrats are within range to potentially flip a House seat or two.

Brown has been campaigning in the final week for other Democrats on the ballot. Trump will rally for Republicans in Cleveland on Monday.

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