Crowdfunding wars: French police vs. yellow vest protesters

PARIS (AP) — More than a million euros have been donated to French police hurt in clashes with yellow vest protesters as both sides take to online crowdfunding to rally support.

The police fund-raising campaign came in response to a similar support drive for a boxer who was captured on video punching police officers during Saturday’s protests in Paris.

Fund-raising site Leetchi suspended donations for the boxer, Christophe Dettinger, amid government outrage. Dettinger is in custody until his trial next month on charges of violence against public officials.

Conservative lawmaker Renaud Muselier then launched a fund-raising campaign for police injured since the protests began Nov. 17. It hit the 1 million-euro mark Thursday.

New protests are planned this Saturday despite concessions by President Emmanuel Macron. The movement started over fuel tax rises but has expanded to broad anti-government anger.

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