CFPB official whose racist writings stirred ire resigns

NEW YORK (AP) — A Trump administration appointee at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau who came under fire after racist comments he wrote years ago resurfaced is leaving the agency.

Eric Blankenstein was appointed in 2018 as CFPB’s director for supervision, enforcement and fair lending. It was the last part of his title that became a source of controversy after left-leaning activist groups uncovered blog posts Blankenstein had written a decade ago where he said most hate crimes were hoaxes and that using the n-word doesn’t mean someone is racist.

The writings caused considerable controversy inside the bureau. CFPB employees, particularly those in the Office of Fair Lending, said they did not feel comfortable working with Blankenstein. In his defense, Blankenstein said the writings reflected “poor judgment” and did not reflect his views today.

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