Bolivian senator: Evo Morales fell due to betrayals, errors

LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — The president of Bolivia’s Senate, who is a member of Evo Morales’ political party, says the exiled leader fell from power due to betrayals by those close to him and his own mistakes and because some people “got drunk with power.”

The formerly anonymous Sen. Monica Eva Copa now has the highest post currently held by Morales’ Movement Toward Socialism. She said in an AP interview Tuesday that Morales and the main actors in the leftist movement “must answer for what happened in the party.”

At age 32, Copa emerged from obscurity in the disarray after Morales’ resignation and helped direct passage of a law allowing new elections to be called.

The law annuls the Oct. 20 presidential election and bars Morales from participating in the new one.

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