‘Big Bang Theory’ stars reflect on show’s end, next steps

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) — Jim Parsons says the end of “The Big Bang Theory” is like a rite of passage, with the requisite tears and sense of achievement.

Kaley Cuoco called the sitcom’s conclusion after 12 seasons “bittersweet.”

The finale, which airs Thursday on CBS, ends one chapter for its stars and opens another.

They spoke to The Associated Press about their plans following the hit series.

Cuoco said she’ll continue to act but is adding producing to her resume. Kunal Nayyar wants to work in both U.S. and Indian projects.

And Simon Helberg imagines himself sleeping until noon and making music as well as acting.

As for the finale, Parsons weighed in on whether the husband-and-wife scientists he and Mayim Bialik play should get a Nobel — and he was leaning toward no.

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