Beirut residents scuffle with protesters at city roadblock

BEIRUT (AP) — Angry Lebanese men wielding sticks have attacked dozens of anti-government protesters blocking a main Beirut thoroughfare, prompting riot police to move in to separate them.

Tuesday’s confrontation took place on a thoroughfare linking eastern and western Beirut. As the angry crowd swelled, some used sticks to push protesters sitting on the asphalt.

It comes on day 13 of anti-government protests, an unprecedented united expression of anger at what demonstrators call a corrupt and inefficient political class in power for decades.

The protesters have called on the government to step down, holding rallies in public squares, and promoting a civil disobedience campaign that includes blocking main roads.

But in recent days, criticism has surfaced of the roadblocks, particularly from opponents of the protests who accuse the demonstrators of paralyzing the country.

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