Beal City, Clare To Meet In First Overtime On The Road Matchup

BEAL CITY – The start of the season for Beal City and Clare is a little different this year, which is part of the reason why it’s our Overtime On The Road matchup.

The Aggies have had a rich history of opening their season with Mount Pleasant Sacred Heart, but they moved to 8-man this year and that meant Beal City needed another rivalry game to kick off the season.

The Pioneers and Aggies have also had a past of great matchups, with this year making it 14 total games.

“You know it’s a great rivalry, we know each other being so close. They’re a really great program and we’re going to have our hands full,” said Beal City head coach, Brad Gross.

“Beal’s close and it’s a good rivalry and we have relationships with those people there so I mean as far as a game in the area, I think people are really going to like having that game in this area,” added Clare’s head coach, Kelly Luplow.

The two teams are fairly evenly matched, but when you look at overall games, Beal City has the upper hand winning seven of the last 13 matchups.

“I think they’re up on us one but that’s okay. You know we got a great deal of respect for their program. It’s just going to be hopefully a really good game,” said Coach Luplow.

Even though they have more wins, the last two years have gone to Clare, including at 41-0 win in 2017.

“Yeah it’s going to be a pretty big game, especially since we didn’t so well against them last year, hopefully we won’t struggle this year,” said Beal City senior, Mitchell Fussman.

“Knowing how Clare is really fast this year and they’ve beat us previous years but we’re ready. We’re ready to get in there and get some action,” added Chase Maxon, also a senior at Beal City.

Both teams have only missed the playoffs once in the last decade, which raises the stakes for Friday’s game.

“I mean we’re going in there hard you know, we’re thinking positive you know like every game. Hard work in practices this week. We’re just going into this game 100 percent,” said Clare’s four-year-starter Brenden Sersaw.

“We’re going to into it strong and act like it’s a new year, I think we’re looking pretty well this year, I’d say it’s a great team chemistry and everything I’m excited to see how the guys do,” said Clare senior, Aiden Boyd.

The game kicks off at 7 p.m. at Beal City.

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