Aid group: Libyan gunmen threaten migrants, rescuers at sea

BERLIN (AP) — A humanitarian aid group says gunmen on Libya-flagged patrol boats have threatened the crew of its rescue ship Alan Kurdi and the migrants it was rescuing, firing shots into the air and water.

Sea-Eye’s spokesman Gordon Isler told The Associated Press that the unprecedented incident Saturday on the Mediterranean Sea was a “total shock” for the rescue crew, but that they had managed to bring all the roughly 90 migrants on board without any serious injuries.

Isler said the Libyan boats arrived as the rescuers were handing life jackets to men and women on a white dinghy off the coast of Libya and began circling the ship, hampering the rescue operation.

He said the masked men fired “warning shots” and pointed mounted guns at the rescue crew and the migrants, some of whom had jumped into the water, before pulling away.

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