4 migrants hit by Greek train may have been asleep on lines

THESSALONIKI, Greece (AP) — A coroner has increased to four the number of fatalities after a night train in northern Greece ran over a group of migrants who may have been sleeping on the lines.

Nikos Kisnidis told The Associated Press Wednesday that the victims were two men and two women aged 30-35. He said they were lying down when the train hit and dismembered them, dragging their bodies for about 200 meters (yards).

The accident occurred late Monday, but was only reported the next morning when a train driver saw the mangled human remains and called police. Initially, officials said three people had been killed, and their sex and age were unclear due to the condition of the remains.

They were hit near the village of Fylakas, between the northeastern towns of Alexandroupolis and Komotini.

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