2 bodies found in Danube are South Koreans from sunken boat

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) — Two bodies found in the Danube River have been confirmed as South Korean victims of last week’s sightseeing boat accident in Budapest.

South Korea’s foreign ministry said Tuesday that a body found near the tour boat on the river floor was a woman in her 50s, while the body of a man in his 60s was recovered 132 kilometers (82 miles) downstream.

Both bodies were recovered Monday.

Nine people, all Koreans, have been confirmed dead. Seven people survived and 19, including the two Hungarian crew members, are still missing.

The Hableany (Mermaid) capsized and sank Wednesday night after a collision at Margit Bridge, in central Budapest, with a much larger river cruise ship, the Viking Sigyn.

Hungarian and South Korean divers are continuing search and recovery efforts.

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