Dish Network Drops WFQX, Local 32


Alex Bolea, owner of Cadillac Telecasting, offered the following statement regarding Local 32 being disconnected from Dish Network: “Dish charges its customers for the value of Local 32’s programming. They want to keep that money rather than pay a fair price for the programming. We hope to continue to be able to provide Northern Michigan with the best local news, sports, and entertainment. It takes hard work, long hours and significant investment to produce a product that makes an impact in people’s lives. The employees of Local 32 are volunteers, parents and your neighbors with a passion for community. We are a small, independently and locally owned broadcast station—one of the few left in the country. Dish Network is a big corporate company.”


Local 32’s programming will remain available to viewers for free over-the-air and to subscribers to every other cable and satellite video provider in Northern Michigan.


WFQX and Dish Network had reached an agreement that covered payment for airing WFQX programming. Dish Network is now refusing to pay for the content. WFQX invests in programming on their station. Including producing hours of local news each weekday and offering Fox Prime and Sports along with many syndicated shows.


Local 32 stated that it intends to keep Dish Network viewers updated on the dispute through social media and on the station’s website (



Frequently Asked Questions

To help clear up some of the misconceptions and help you stay informed, Local 32 has put together some frequently asked questions.


Q: I’m upset I’m missing my local programming who can I call?

A: Please call Dish Network at 888-656-2461 and tell them that you want Local 32 back on your lineup. We also recommend requesting a discount for the interruption in services.


Q: If your signal is free, why are you charging Dish Network?

A: Local TV stations invest tens of millions of dollars each year to produce programming and maintain the systems to transmit that programming. Congress passed a law many years ago requiring cable and satellite companies to negotiate compensation and other terms with local TV stations when they want to resell those stations as part of their pay TV packages. Local 32 is committed to providing Northern Michigan local news and programming.


Q: Are there other local stations facing this battle?

A: Yes, there are other stations trying to reach an agreement with Dish Network.


Q: When will this be settled?

A: Our sincere hope is to have this resolved as soon as possible. We continue to make this issue a top priority.


How to Watch Over the Air: Our programming can be received for free over the air on channels 9.2 & 10.2 with an antenna and an HDTV digital converter box/receiver. If you are having problems receiving our signal please fill out the form at the link for a technician to assist you.



DirecTV: 855-900-3473

Charter Communications: 888-438-2427

Ace Communications (Acentek) – Mesick: 231-885-1000

ATI Networks – Kalkaska: 231-518-0200

Carr Communications – Branch: 231-898-2244

Golden Communications – Montague: 231-893-7500

Lighthouse.Net – Sault Ste. Marie: 906-632-1820

Michigan Cable Partners: – Montague: 231-893-7500

Sunrise Communications – Onaway: 989-733-8100