Zak Triplett

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Zak joined the team in June of 2021 as a photojournalist. Zak graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film and video Studies in April 2020. Ever since he was ten years old, his dream was to be behind a camera.

Zak began making movies at the age of nine, and has since made filmmaking and videography his passion. Zak finds every day at work to be an absolute gift. Every day I come into work and tell myself that this is my career, and I’m met with pure happiness and disbelief. I’m so happy to be here.

When he isn’t working around Michigan, Zak can be found either making music or watching movies, as he is an avid movie buff, and hopes to watch as many as he can.

“This is the coolest job in the world. To be able to walk into a building filled with people who care about you, while at the same time living your dream, there’s nothing like it.”