Sue Allor (R)


Sue Allor is a Republican running for reelection to represent District 106 in the Michigan House of Representatives. Allor assumed office in 2017 and was assigned to the Appropriations Committee.

Allor and her husband Pat have been married for more than 40 years, have three children together, and own two small businesses in northern Michigan.

Allor graduated with a B.S. in nursing from the University of Detroit-Mercy, and earned her masters from Lawrence Technological University.

She has worked as a nurse, and served as a Cheboygan County commissioner.


Small Business Association of Michigan’s Small Biz PAC

National Wildlife Federation

Michigan Right to Life

Michigan Fraternal Order of Police

Michigan Chapter of the Sierra Club

Sponsored Legislation:

HB 5482: A bill to provide for certain requirements regarding suicide prevention for schools; to prescribe the rights, powers, duties, and privileges of schools, school districts, public school academies, intermediate school districts, and other public school entities; to provide for and prescribe the powers and duties of certain state departments; and to provide for the regulation of certain school employees.

HB 4112: Liquor; licenses; posting to warn of the potential problems of drinking alcohol during pregnancy; require on premises of retail liquor licensees. Amends 1998 PA 58 (MCL 436.1101 – 436.2303) by adding sec. 905a.

HB 4320: Health: abortion; partial-birth abortion provision; modify to include dismemberment abortion. Amends sec. 90h of 1931 PA 328 (MCL 750.90h).

HB 4196: Elections; polling places; an elector taking a photograph of himself or herself in a polling place or taking a photograph of his or her election ballot in a polling booth or election compartment; allow, and allow an absent voter to take a photograph of his or her election ballot. Amends 1954 PA 116 (MCL 168.1 – 168.992) by adding secs. 736h & 763.


Great Lakes: “Because our way of life in northern Michigan is largely dependent upon natural resources and the Great Lakes, we must promote tourism, protect our water, and manage natural resources using proven scientific methods.” Allor does not elaborate on any plans to accomplish these goals.

Local Control: “More decisions concerning our communities, schools and public safety need to be made at the local level – not in Lansing or Washington, DC. Private property rights must be protected, and we must defend our 2nd Amendment rights and preserve our outdoor heritage for our generation and for our children and grandchildren.” Again, does not elaborate on any plans to accomplish these goals.

Education: “To prepare students and workers for a career, we must provide quality instruction in the classroom and expand vocational training. Achieving funding equity for northern Michigan schools is important to ensure that our students and teachers are given the necessary tools to succeed. We must also demand that more decisions are made at the local level by parents and community leaders in northern Michigan – not by bureaucrats in Lansing or Washington, DC.” Allor does not provide details on how she plans to accomplish her education goals, or which decisions should be made at the local level.

Top Donors (as of Sept. 21):

Michigan Association of Realtors

Michigan Beer and Wine Wholesalers State PAC

Linda Allor

Altria PAC

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan PAC

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