Marcia Squier (Green Party)


Marcia Squier is a member of the Green Party running for election to the U.S. Senate. Squier advanced from the Green convention on June 20 to appear on the November ballot.

Squier was born in Warren, and attended Wayne State University. She majored in psychology and graduated in 1997.

She currently works as a valet supervisor for a Michigan-based company. To learn more, check out her campaign website. 


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“I want the People to have #HandCountedPaperBallots with #CitizenOversight, the right to Habeus Corpus, less spending on the executive branch (aka War & Prison), a publicly owned banking system, Independent Media (instead of the current Corporate Media Monopoly we are suffering under), and clear, concise GMO labeling laws. I want to end the War on Drugs, and retroactively legalize cannabis and hemp at the Federal Level. I believe this will lower costs in many areas, including health care and infrastructure. I believe we should reallocate the Federal Budget away from the Military Industrial Complex and towards more worthwhile endeavors like health care and education. We The People deserve the right to clean air, soil, & water, education, health care, and true representation in government.”

Squier lists ending wars, legalizing cannabis at the federal level, ending the war on drugs and health care and education for all as her key campaign messages.

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