Kaleb Vinton

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As a recent graduate of Ferris State University, I came to 9&10 News in February of 2020 following my internship and short-lived employment at WKTV in Grand Rapids.

Being born and a raised in Michigan, you could say my love for this state is biased. Very few places do you get to experience all four seasons. For me, that is the best part, having all four seasons–and yes that includes winter. I thoroughly love just being outside as my two biggest hobbies are hunting (deer, turkey) and photography.

One of my bigger achievements was having one of my photographs published in Photographer’s Forum Magazine.

During my time working as a photojournalist with 9&10, I have made a lot of memories and gained loads of experience. Some cool things I have gotten to be a part of would be running camera for a one-on-one interview with Vice President Mike Pence, as well as, being in Midland/Sanford the night the dams broke.

I have a huge passion for visual storytelling and look forward to continuing my young career chasing dreams, with a script that is constantly being rewritten.